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Regina Baglioni 5*L

Accomodation: Hotel
Region: Lazio
City: Roma/Rome
Category: 5 Star Luxury

The Regina Hotel Baglioni is in an elegant Liberty style building, dating 1904 where Queen Margherita of Savoy resided for 14 months, as a consequence, the hotel bears the title "Regina", the Italian word for "Queen". 
Its prestigious refined furnishings and impeccable service make the Hotel Regina Baglioni one of the most renowned hotels in Rome. 
The Regina Hotel Baglioni is close to the renowned Via Veneto, the Spanish Steps, Barberini Square and Trevi's Fountain. The large entrance has vaulted ceilings and crystal chandeliers and a marble staircase and sitting areas with richly patterned furniture. The Sala Belvedere on the eight floor has glass walls and a large sunroof.
 The new Brunello Lounge & Restaurant boasts an exclusive access directly onto the Via Veneto; it is the ideal place to taste exquisite dishes full of Mediterranean flavours and high quality products from the area.
 For light snacks there is also the Caffè Baglioni located in the hotel's elegant lobby area which features a lovely fireplace.

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